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SaiPu machinery focuses on the R & D and production of hot melt adhesive machine and glue dispenser. The company has no spare time to promote the quality. After several years of vigorously promoting and guiding, the quality management certification has been fully implemented. According to the quality management, the company formulates the quality policy "full quality and customer satisfaction", which is consistent with the quality management. The ISO 9000 requirements, hoping to excellent quality is dedicated to all the customers.

In the environment of safety management, the company follows the ISO 18001 requirements for environmental safety policy, this article is listed as follows:
1. the implementation of cleaner production, pollution prevention and continuous improvement.
2. comply with environmental protection and safety and health and other relevant applicable laws and regulations and other requirements.
3. encourage the contractor to do environmental protection and safety and health.
4. health and safety risk control.
5. the voluntary greenhouse gases inventory and control or reduction; and continue to save resources and energy.
6. the product does not contain banned substances on the environment and recycling, regeneration rate.
7. communication and communication to all persons working for or on behalf of the company, the individual cognitive EHS responsibility.

In the future, Sep machinery will continue to uphold the existing policy norms and continue to promote the rules and rules of international certification; meanwhile, Sep's products will move forward towards higher quality and higher specifications, and offer the most perfect side in the process of continuous refinement.