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Addr.: No. 7 Xinmin Road, Xinmin community, Changan Town, Dongguan, Guangdong

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The construction and development of SaiPu enterprise culture with distinctive features and individuation is the foundation of the survival and development of SEP machinery and an important part of the core competitive ability of Sep. After a long period of development, Dongguan SEP machinery has formed a relatively complete system of spirit, system, behavior and material culture. The construction of harmonious enterprise culture has set up a good corporate image in the hot-melt adhesive machine industry, strengthened the cohesiveness, centripetal force and fighting capacity of the enterprise, and provided a strong spiritual support for the enterprise to achieve good and rapid development.

☆ Service to the public by the company's mission
☆ Company vision decides success or failure, quality decides production.
☆ Company spirit, first, honesty, unity, cooperation and innovation.
☆ The purpose of the company is to strive for integrity, win win, innovation and development, and win the brand.
☆ Business principles, market first, customers first, quality and business interests share.
☆ The idea of internationalization and the pursuit of excellence in the world
☆ The market concept is fast responding to the current situation
☆ The concept of quality perseverance
☆ Innovative ideas, ideas, innovation and future.
☆ The concept of crisis is trembling with trembling ice
☆ Strive for excellence and climb the peak
☆ Working concept saving time and efficient and efficient
☆ Study concept self eliminate self transcendence
☆ The concept of human resources is established by people to establish an enterprise
☆ The moral concept of integrity and integrity responsibility cooperation