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Industry Information

Requirements for hot melt adhesives

The softening degree of the hot melt adhesive machine is asked at the temperature of 80~90 C. During the long time heating process, no discoloration of the glue is produced, and the surface does not become crust during the use. At the same time, a certain period of time under certain constant temperature will increase the chroma and salary.
The hot melt adhesive machine must have proper hardness (usually HS78o~90). ) and there should be a suitable toughness. It is necessary to have higher tensile strength and proper elongation at break.
In addition to the appearance of the hot melt glue machine, besides the need to add the corresponding color material to color printing paper, the general high quality glue or film surface is smooth, glossy, without rough impurities, white or light yellow solid. 5.13.4 Polycool and polyamines type thermo gyi
Poly cool comes from binary acid and diol. Polyphthaleamine comes from binary acid and two yuan amine. With the increase of carbon atoms in the main chain, the melting point of polyphthalamine decreases while the melting point of polyacetate increases. Both are close to the melting point of polyethylene.
A lot of polyamide three copolymers can be used as the base of hot melt adhesive machine. They are widely used in fiber feline and other aspects. The water absorbency of nylon decreases with the increase of carbon chain. Even nylon has less water absorption than odd nylon. It should be washed and dry cleaned as the glue of the fiber. These gel cat agents are composed of powder, granule, glue film, wire mesh and monofilament. Powdered gel cat agent and auxiliaries can be dispersed in water and used.
The high molecular weight linear polycooler with a melting point between 100 and 200 degrees centigrade is used to prepare polyacetate for hot melt adhesives. There are many kinds of catalysts for the manufacture of polyacetic acid. The choice of catalyst depends not only on the type of monomer, but also on the use of gel drilling agent. If used for food packaging, it should meet the requirements of food hygiene. Similar to polyphthalein, poly homopolymer is seldom used in hot melt adhesive machine.
When clothing is used, the poly and polyamine hot melt adhesive machine is mainly made of rubber powder to further manufacture resin lining.
The reference formula of polyphenthalamine hot melt adhesive machine for clothing is 100 quality nylon 1 6 salt, 85 quality nylon one, salt, 150 mass nylon 1 1010 salt.
According to the factory custom, the synthetic process is generally described as: feeding ~ sealing ~ cover ~ front vacuum and filling nitrogen gas ~ rising pressure ~ pressure ~ pressure ~ pressure ~ pressure ~ keep normal pressure ~ after vacuum vacuum and filling nitrogen gas ~ grain ~ drying ~ packing.

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