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Industry Information

Main components and characteristics of hot melt adhesive machine

The main component of hot melt adhesive, that is, the basic resin is the copolymerization of ethylene and vinyl acetate under high pressure, and then with tackifier, viscosity regulator, antioxidant and so on to make hot melt adhesive. Polyurethane polyurethane including pressure sensitive adhesive and PUR water adhesive pressure sensitive adhesive: hot melt adhesive pressure sensitive adhesive, a kind of pressure sensitive adhesive, which is mainly composed of synthetic rubber and resin and rubber oil, which is heated to melt into a new type of adhesive tape on the base material such as cotton paper, cloth or plastic film. The disadvantage is that viscosity is obviously affected by temperature. It is mainly used in all kinds of sealing, sealing, paper packing, beverage bottle label, sealing aluminum foil, soft packing and other packaging; environmental paper pallet, etc., suitable for all kinds of material. Sealed box adhesive for all kinds of light, polishing, press, PP composite and other PET, PP transparent box, film, non-woven products adhesive, cosmetic box packaging, food box packaging, cigarette box packaging, beverage packaging, packaged furniture sealing edge, electronic industry, car interior seal, car light making, windshield assembly etc.), non woven fabric Raw towel, diaper, diaper, insole, disposable daily necessities, coated compound trademark paper, label double-sided tape, mouse board, sticky fly paper, wood floor, carpet over glue, band stick, medical breathable tape, color box packaging, carton packing glue, back adhesive buckle belt and other refractory materials have strong adhesive force; thermal stability is good. No impurities, good operability, excellent weather resistance, aluminum foil sealing hot melt adhesive unique water and waterproof characteristics. The hot-melt adhesive has the advantages of stable performance, high utilization rate of raw materials, fast production rate, high rate of finished products 13, small area of equipment and small investment, and other main adhesive products, such as acrylic acid epoxy silicone acrylic acid, acrylic acid, methyl acrylate, ethyl acrylate, -2- ethyl hexyl acrylate, etc. Electrostatic flocking and wool implants have good fastness and feel. Epoxy adhesive is characterized by low shrinkage, mildew resistance and stable properties. It is used in aviation, automobile, building materials, electronic and electrical appliances, machinery industry, shipbuilding industry, petroleum and chemical industry.

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