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How to repair the hot melt glue machine

The application of adhesives in maintenance of mechanical equipment is an important aspect of gluing technology. At present, the economic base of our country is still relatively weak. The mechanical equipment of large number of industrial enterprises is still in the stage of renovation and renewal, and it is more practical. For the mechanical equipment damaged by natural factors or human factors, it is much more effective than the new equipment to make rapid repair with only a small amount of manpower and material resources. Even if the economy is strong and the industry is developed in the future, low cost adhesive technology will be retained as an important means. As for emergency repair under special circumstances (for example, no stopping plugging, etc.), it is indispensable in any case.

(1) characteristics of adhesive repair
The 1. strength is high. In addition to special reasons, mechanical equipment damage occurs mostly in weak links or where stress concentration occurs. When the adhesive is repaired, a high strength structural adhesive must be used and the proper mechanical connection should be used, and the whole process should be very careful in order to prevent the mechanical and thermal stress.
2. the process is difficult. For the usual bonding process, the joint can be pre designed. Even if the glue is used on the products that have been finalized, the bonding methods and joints are basically regular. The cracks in the damaged equipment often appear in the unpredictable position, the joint is also strange, and some large equipment can not be moved at all. This brings great difficulties to a series of process treatment, such as pretreatment, sizing, heating curing and so on.
3. time is tight. When the seagoed tubing injection or gas cabinet leaks in the voyage, it is necessary to take urgent measures under the load conditions: first, the quick adhesive is used to block the gap, and then the plug is strengthened to make it no longer a weak link. All this requires completion in a relatively short time, and it can maintain normal operation for a long time and run for a long time.
Therefore, in a sense, the adhesive repair is more technical requirements than the general glue or seal, and it needs to be experienced, mastering the bonding skill, and the technical workers familiar with the mechanical repair and the technical workers to operate directly. The ideal effect can be achieved.

(two) type of adhesive repair
The damage of mechanical equipment can be roughly divided into three types: rupture, wear and leakage. Therefore, adhesive repair can be divided into three types: repair, repair and blockage.
1. patch type. The usual bonding process can be used for thin or pressed equipment. Thick walled and highly loaded machine parts should be repaired by dry together and buckle.
2. repair the whole type. In addition to the simple form of recovery, a large amount of wear resistant filler should be added to the binder in order to increase its wear resistance.
3, dry block type. Generally dry blockage, as long as we consider the sticky materials and containers inside and outside the media. And without stopping plugging and plugging, we should also consider the special conditions (temperature, pressure) and bonding speed when sticking and plugging.

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