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The working process of hot melt adhesive coating machine

The application of hot melt adhesive machine in the sanitary industry should be equipped with hot melt adhesive machine in the high-end sanitary towel industry.
1. the production speed of sanitary napkin is 500-800 pieces per minute
2. mainframe appearance requirements, good streamline, good insulation effect, large maintenance space, the whole machine LCD screen, key operation, circuit board structure, functional requirements such as heat insulation, timing start, glue position alarm device and so on.
3. each gun requires:
The A: reverse scraper gun has high speed and good interruption, and is accurate and broken.
The B: fiber spray gun has a long continuous working time and good atomization effect. It should meet the requirement of cleaning the filter screen and spraying once every month.
C: rubber band special spray gun is high speed discontinuous and non towing glue. The sizing agent can well wrap the elastic body.

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