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Non synchronization of paper and cloth in hot melt adhesive coating machine

The hot-melt adhesive coater is coated on paper and then woven with non-woven fabric. When the paper is walking, it will grow longer than the cloth and feel a bit out of sync. This is not the problem that the equipment is not synchronous, summing up the production experience of the hot-melt coating machine for more than ten years, this is the problem of the tension of non-woven fabric, that is, the purchase of raw material tension control is not good, resulting in the production of the product after the composite fabric shrinkage is longer than non-woven fabric. Solutions need to be contacted with suppliers to see if they can provide solutions. Tension is one aspect, you do not achieve two levels of constant tension control. The ability of the machine is important in this respect. Small discounts can be solved by adjustment.

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