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Safety operation manual of hot melt adhesive coating machine

1. avoid the hot melt adhesive coater around the volatile and explosive materials or gases, and the flammable and explosive materials can not be stored around the spraying equipment of the hot-melt coating machine.
2. do not use hot melt adhesive coater without proper protective devices, good insulators or good protection panels. Only the professional trainers can be repaired when they need to be overhauled.
3. do not operate hot melt adhesive coater under ambient temperature below 0 C and temperature above 50 C.
4. as far as possible without fast flow air. Because the combination of hot melt spray head is exposed to the rapid circulation of air, the rapid cooling will affect the flow of hot melt adhesive in the nozzle combination and easily lead to wire drawing.
5. when the hot-melt adhesive is added, it should be added before the melt glue pot and 1/3 of the hot melt glue, so as to avoid adding glue when hot melt glue is not hot melt, and it will affect the normal production.
6. the amount of supplementary glue shall not exceed eighty percent of the total volume of the hot melt glue pot.

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